About RBHC

Royal British Hospitality Catering

The Burgundy Lion pub opened in 2008 and since then our group has been focused on awakening Montreal to the British culture, attitude, food and drink that we love so much.

In 2011 we decided to push the concept further and opened the Brit & Chips in old Montreal, our take on the classic English Fish n’ Chips shop. Since then another Brit & chips was born, a new pub, the Bishop & Bagg opened in the mile end and we recently launched our British goods grocery, Newland & Jump, also in the mile end.

Throughout the years we have received many requests to bring our unique brand of British hospitality to off-site events. We were able to accept some of the requests but as we had no dedicated catering division we sadly had to turn many down. And then we thought…why not?

Royal British Hospitality Catering (RBHC) is our newest venture and aims to provide the British experience to weddings, corporate events and all sorts of private parties. We can provide anything English, from authentic pub atmosphere, drink and food, all the way up to white glove high tea and butler style service.

Fish and chips
Sausage and chiken

Cocktails, Whisky, High End Bar & Pints

The originators of English hospitality in Montreal are now mobile!

"Do you want to go get a nice cocktail, or do you want to go to a pub?" When Burgundy Lion opened in 2008 we thought to ask, why can’t you do both? Since that day the Burgundy Lion Group has been redefining restaurant, bar and nightlife culture in Montreal. Be it with our unique cocktail lists, our passion for whisky (with Burgundy Lion currently having the largest list in Quebec), or our commitment to hiring and training, passionate, knowledgeable hospitality experts. And that is why we are so excited to announce the opening of our catering wing, RBHC. We want to bring our passion to your event, our expertise to your party.

With a myriad of bar options, ranging from simple pub nights, to whisky tastings, to mixology events or white gloved champagne service, RBHC can provide you and your guests with a unique and memorable celebration.